Yamaha P155 Digital Piano Review

Yamaha’s line of digital pianos is known all over the world for its quality and excellence. A few of their famous series include the Piaggeros, Portable grands, and Clavinovas that are a staple to music lovers. The P-series is another great addition to their already successful lines of digital piano designs and many would agree that the Yamaha P-155 stands out as one of the finer models. Let’s take a closer look at this intriguing digital piano from Yamaha.

Yamaha p155 review

Yamaha p155 review

What to Expect from the Yamaha P155 Digital Piano

There are plenty of great things to look forward to when you are planning to purchase a Yamaha P155 to cater your musical needs and desires and they include:

  1. Realistic Touch – Provides a distinct feel that is similar to that of an acoustic piano thanks to its Graded Hammer action that functions equally on all 88 keys. The P155 is also professionally built which allows notable consistency and striking balance that makes it easier for pianists to transition to an acoustic grand.
  2. Good Sound Quality – The P155 uses Yamaha’s very own concert grand CFIIIS model that produces a genuine grand piano sound with a powerful bass, solid mid-range, and clear high tones. The 4-layer audio samples, meanwhile, are recorded with the brand’s popular digital quality intact.
  3. Responsive and Expressive –  Comes with a Dynamic Stereo Sampling, or DSS, technology that utilizes an array of sound samples to bring in maximum expression. Each of the four audio recordings are very responsive that offer pianists a unique quality of range and tonal expression.
  4. Great for Developing Piano Skills – The digital piano has dual headphone jacks, a track recorder, and an integrated metronome that helps greatly in learning and teaching. Instructors can track individual progress without interrupting the practice of other students or those nearby.
  5. Advance Digital Piano Technology – The Yamaha P155 is integrated with an internal two-channel amplifier with built-in speakers that allows superb authentic perception. Tracks can be recorded through the USB port or imported as MIDI files. Songs can then be transferred via computer for various purposes such as recordings and sound editing.

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Yamaha P155 Drawbacks

While the Yamaha P155 is a decent digital piano designed to produce fine piano sounds with its advance technology, it still has some drawbacks that you need to be aware of. First off, if you’re looking for a digital piano that comes with an extensive array of instruments, then the P155 will disappoint you. The piano’s keys can also feel quite heavy when compared to a standard acoustic piano. And while it’s not that heavy, it’s not that portable either when compared to other models from other brands.

Bottom Line

The Yamaha P155 is not at all cheap and this may be a problem for beginners and novice level players who are looking for a digital piano with an affordable price range. There are certainly other options out there that won’t pay you more than $1,200 but has enough features to keep you interested in your pursuit of learning the piano. But if you’re looking for excellent sound quality and technology in your digital piano, the P155 surely won’t disappoint.