Yamaha P105 Digital Piano Review

The P105 was built by Yamaha to replace the previous P-95 model in their line-up. Designers from the company promise users with a versatile digital instrument with numerous uses from practicing the piano, performing live, and recording in studios. They also ensured that it comes with a user friendly layout and design to accommodate beginners who are still exploring the musical world of the piano. Read complete Yamaha p105 review here to know the pros and cons of it before buying it.

Yamaha p105 review

Yamaha P105 Digital Piano Review

What to Expect from the Yamaha P105 Digital Piano

First off, there are a number of great things that you can expect from the Yamaha P105 aside from its affordable price tag and user friendly layout. Here are some of them:

  1. Advanced Sound Sampling Technology – The Yamaha P105 utilizes the company’s very own CF sampling technology to produce a realistic piano sound that follows tonal integrity through internal stereo speakers as well as being played out loud, making it ideal for practice.
  2. Intuitive Acoustic System – The P105 has a smart and intuitive acoustic system equipped with an EQ that automatically adjusts on the volume setting in order to create the best tonal balance at any level. This feature eliminates distortion that may become a hindrance in your practice or ruin a live performance.
  3. Great Connectivity – The digital piano has a line-in and line-out AUX outputs that gives players the ability to connect an external device without disturbing the speaker sound. The USB port also lets you transfer track information to a computer with ease.
  4. Pianist Styles Feature – The Pianist styles gives you a built-in partner for duets so you won’t have to bother yourself finding one. It plays along with the user in one of ten playing styles that are built-in with the piano. All you need to do is utilize one chord and the Pianist style will do the rest to accompany you in your plays.
  5. Duo Mode – Just like other Yamaha models, the P105 has a duo mode that allows the user to split the keyboard in to two to accommodate dual playing simultaneously which is great for playing duets specially with an instructor to enhance your learning process.

yamaha p105 review


Yamaha p-105 Drawbacks

While the Yamaha P105 is packed with a lot of features that will prove useful to different players of different levels, is ultra portable, and very affordable, it’s not that extraordinary once you begin using it. It’s simply a basic digital piano with all the features and functions that you need; nothing more and nothing less. The piano also lacks some drum patterns and styles, ranging from basic rock to jazz but excluding contemporary pop and hip-hop feels.¬†Additional speakers or accessories, such as external speakers, a stabilizer, stand, a pedal or a cover for the keyboard, would also have been great.

Bottom Line

The Yamaha P105 is a straight forward digital instrument that caters the needs of any pianist. It’s very low cost which makes it an ideal instrument for beginners and novice level practitioners who are on a tight budget. Just don’t expect too much from the instrument though, aside from the fact that it just has all the basic requirements that you need from a digital piano and a little more for a much affordable price range.