Best Online Piano Lessons for Self-Learning (With Buying Guide)

Online Piano Lessons
As long as you have a piano at home, it’s worth taking a shot at online piano lessons. After all, online coaching will help you avoid the steep cost of hiring an actual teacher.

So, let’s introduce you to the best online piano lessons that can help you learn piano alone anytime from the comforts of your home.

On top of that, we will also include a buying guide. You will see the benefit of it when shopping for an online course on your own. For now, we will tell you our best choice.

The ‘Play Piano In 30 Days’ online course is our absolute favorite from all the three products discussed below. That said, others hold great value too. So, don’t ignore them.


Best Online Piano Lessons: Top Products in 2019

Play Piano In 30 Days
For Beginners: Yes
Online Lessons: Yes
Online Tests: No
Private Online Forum: Yes
Personal Support: No
Money Back Guarantee: Yes
Check Price
Rocket Piano Program
For Beginners: Yes
Online Lessons: Yes
Online Tests: Yes
Private Online Forum: Yes
Personal Support: No
Money Back Guarantee: Yes
Check Price
Piano For All Program
For Beginners: Yes
Online Lessons: Yes
Online Tests: No
Private Online Forum: Yes
Personal Support: Yes
Money Back Guarantee: Yes
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1. Play Piano In 30 Days Review

Play Piano In 30 Days is a fail-proof and revolutionary online training program that can help you play fantastic tunes from the comforts of your living room within 30 days. From basic notes to melodies and harmonies, and everything else in between, this online course provides users with a complete roadmap to playing the piano like a pro.

Keep in mind that the methods discussed in this piano program involves a scientific and logical approach to it. The video lessons are presented by a classically trained pianist/songwriter/singer, Rachel James. After going through the lessons, you will feel like telling Rachel — ‘keep up the good work.’

Product Highlights:


The best part about this online course is that it slashes the learning time in half. Yes, this well-presented course will put you ahead in the race through its revolutionary and superior teaching techniques. The course includes step-by-step video lessons that makes learning both fun and engaging like no other similar piano learning guide out there.

It also includes video lessons of popular songs that you can watch and learn to rock the party. Moreover, you will be provided with tens and thousands of music sheets along with audio accompaniments to practice new songs. On top of this, you will also get free and unlimited support from their team of expert teachers.

Does it Work?


So, does the product honor its name?

If customer reviews are to be believed, most users were able to play at least one song of their choice within 30 days. Interestingly, this digital product is backed by a robust money back guarantee.

If the video lessons fail to make you a better pianist than before, you can simply email the team for a 100% refund. Basically, if you don’t succeed with this online program, you won’t lose any money from your pockets. So, it’s worth test driving this online course to take your piano skills to the next level with no risk at all.



-This course has piano lessons for total beginners, experts, and anyone else in between.
-Unlike other similar online piano lessons, this digital course doesn’t have dull piano lessons that will bore you till death.
-Since it’s a digital course, you can learn piano lessons at your own pace. And, it’s far more affordable than hiring a private tutor.
-The piano lessons are updated on a regular basis. And, the updated lessons are shared with the existing members for no extra cost.
-Users are also given access to a private piano forum to ask any piano learning related concerns or questions.
-Access to an exclusive piano forum will provide you with the opportunity to meet likeminded people and learn new tips and tricks.
-This online teaching program comes with a free 14-day trial to help you start piano lessons with zero risks.



-As advertised, the course delivers. But, don’t expect the audience to go crazy over your performance in a mere 30 days of learning.

2. Rocket Piano Review

If you are feeling frustrated about not being able to play the piano without hiring a piano teacher in person, the Rocket Piano online training program can come to your rescue. For those who don’t know, the Rocket Piano was born due to lack of quality piano online courses in the market.

This compelled Ruth Searle to come up with the Rocket Piano course that features step-by-step lessons, top-notch sound files, and video demonstrations that’s better than most of its rivals by a landslide.

Gladly enough, this 165-pages learn-at-home course has been answering the needs of hundreds and thousands of piano learners ever since its launch in the web world.

Product Highlights:


The Rocket Piano course is loaded with quality information that you will hardly find elsewhere. It includes hundreds of pictures, diagrams, video lessons, and sound files that can help you play piano on a fast-track, while enjoying the process. The techniques discussed in this online program are not hard to learn and follow, even if you have no prior piano-playing experience.

Thus far, this digital course has been in the market for more than five years, and it has been well-received by piano learning enthusiasts across the globe. The person behind the product, Ruth Searle, has more than fifteen years of musical experience, which includes coaching, playing, and performing on stage.

So, this isn’t any other ‘average’ online piano course. The online piano lessons discussed in this course are truly a cut above the scope.

Does it Work?


The Rocket Piano course has all the practical and theoretical knowledge that you would ever need to transform yourself from an absolute beginner to a professional piano player. The best part is that the method of coaching will keep you hooked and motivated to continue from one lesson to another.

Before you know, you will learn the tricks of the trade like never before. The course will not only teach you what to practice, but it will also tell you how to practice. Basically, it’s a well-rounded digital product that can actually do the trick for you.

Yes, it does work. And, it has taught many newcomers a new skill for life. And, you can try Rocket Piano risk-free for almost two months. With no hard feelings, your money will be returned if the product fails to live up to its promise.



-It’s one of the easiest piano learning online courses out there in the market today.
-This online training program is suitable for all levels of piano learners.
-Compared to other online courses, you will learn faster from this course because the learning process is made fun.
-Games and tests are integrated along with the lessons to help you learn easily with fun.
-Over the years, tens and thousands of people have learned to play the piano from home with Rocket Piano.
-Even those with zero prior experience can learn how to play piano through this course.
-This piano course will equip you with enough resources to play any song of your choice.
-This is one of the rare online piano training programs that can make you a complete pianist.



-If you choose to get the product delivered at your doorsteps, it will cost you twice or thrice the cost of the digital product.
-Since it’s an online program, some people might feel the need to self-motivate themselves to keep learning.

3. Piano For All Review

If you are eager to take online piano courses, the Piano For All online program should be a great option for you. This product has reached more than 200,000 eager students over the years, and you could be the next person in the list of satisfied customers.

The best part about this course is that it enables one to learn piano quickly and easily. And, this course proves that learning online piano lessons doesn’t have to be a boring affair.

Given how well it’s written and laid out, you will thoroughly enjoy going through the content of this digital course without being bogged down with endless theory. Plus, you don’t need prior musical knowledge to take advantage of this incredible online course.

Product Highlights:


With this online course, you will get access to 9 PDF format e-books, 200 video lessons, and 500 audio lessons to cut your learning time in less than half. Basically, it’s a self-contained online course that will make you ready sooner than any other piano course out there.

The creator behind the product, Robin Hall provides excellent support to all the members. So, you won’t be stuck for too long. For any assistance, you can always reach out to him. He usually responds in a flash. Robin also keeps sending new updates at user’s inbox for free.

Does it Work?


Just by looking at the customer reviews found across the web, you will be able to tell that this piano course has been a major hit with the masses. For those who don’t know, the program has been around since 2006, and it has helped thousands of people learn piano without taking any traditional lessons from a piano teacher.

So, it’s safe to assume that this online course will work for you as well. Frankly speaking, it’s one of the most trusted audio/video piano courses that you can find in the market today. Yes, it’s hard to find an equally good piano learning course online in today’s age and time.



-All the course material is nicely organized and well-planned, making it easy to learn everything.
-The online program starts from the very basic. Therefore, absolute beginners can also consider this course.
-You can access this online training program even if you are offline. So, the lack of Internet connection won’t stop you from learning.
-Compared to other similar products, this online course can make you an expert pianist in a very short period of time.
-The course is written and presented in such a manner that it encourages progress.
-This online program comes with a free e-book that teaches how to improve one’s creativity.
– Robin Hall provides his personal email address to all the paid users to help them out with any questions or queries.
-The Piano For All Course comes at a one-time cost, which makes it a very affordable solution to take piano lessons.



-Better visuals would have made the course more appealing than what it is now. Of course, this isn’t a deal-breaking flaw.

Best Online Piano Lessons: Buying Guide

Best Online Piano Lessons

The online tools that can help you learn a piano aren’t limited to the products discussed above. Although a hard find, there are a few other equally good online piano lessons out there. To help you find them, this buying guide will be of immense help.

Is it for Everyone?


Before everything else, you need to figure out if the piano lessons will benefit you or not. For you to benefit from the online course, you will have to choose a program that fits your skill sets. If you are a complete beginner, you shouldn’t invest in a course that’s meant for experts, and vice-versa.

In a nutshell; whether you are starting out or taking lessons for years, choose a course that suits your skill sets or else your experience with the product will not be good.

The Guy Behind the Product


You don’t have to know the author personally, but you should know enough about his/her background. This will help you decide whether or not to consider the online piano lessons. Ideally speaking, the creator of the product should have relevant real-world experience and good professional credentials.

Products from such creators will ideally stand out because they will offer value like no other similar product out there. Obviously, their work will show traces of their experience and expertise, which will benefit you a lot.

Easy to Learn


You will never get the full benefits from any online program if it’s not easy to understand. No matter how invaluable the teaching techniques are, you won’t get better at it unless you are able to grasp the learnings.

Ideally speaking, the course should be well laid out and presented in the right order. It should have a good mix of video and audio files so that you can learn quickly and easily in whatever way you prefer.

Time Taken


While some online courses will require you to spend half an hour every day for learning, there are others that might require a lot more or a lot less time.

The key takeaway from this is that you should check the time-demands of the course. If the shortlisted course demands 45 minutes of your daily time, you should consider such a course only if you can dedicate 45 minutes every day for piano training.

Ideally speaking, most of the best online courses can be easily downloaded/saved for future reading. So, you can complete the course at your own pace. Even if you miss out on something, you can keep it for a later read.

Customer Support


Everyone needs prompt answers to their questions. After all, not receiving a timely response can be a huge turnoff. This is important especially when you are unable to grasp something that the author is trying to convey.

In such a scenario, timely assistance can provide you great relief because you will be able to move ahead with the course. We like it when the creators share their personal email address with their paid members. This shows great responsibility and accountability from the author’s end.

Research & Research


Before investing, research as much as you can about the shortlisted finalist. Good research will give out a lot of things. It will tell you both the good and the bad side of a particular product. As you must have noticed in our product reviews, we have highlighted both the pros and cons of the product.

This helps to make a well-informed purchase decision, and it eliminates any unwanted surprises down the road because you will be fully aware of the product flaws (if any) in advance.

Your Budget


Compared to hiring a private tutor, online courses will cost you peanuts. That said, some courses will require that you sign up for a monthly subscription. It’s almost like paying a tutor month after month.

We don’t intend to bash such a subscription-based model, but we highly suggest that you consider an online learning program that requires a one-time payment as opposed to a recurring payment. At the end of it, recurring payments can add up to a lot. As a result, it won’t remain an affordable solution as you had expected it to be.

Money Back Option


As buyers, we are usually envious when shopping for a digital product. After all, our hard-earning money is at stake. So, it helps to invest in a piano course that comes with a money back guarantee.

This way, you will always have the option of returning the product if you don’t benefit from the online program. Of course, putting a bold money back guarantee claim on the website isn’t enough. You should order from a reliable website to be sure that the money-back guarantee is honored.

Final Words:


We certainly understand the desire for the best online piano lessons.

Therefore, we went to great lengths and expense to pick the best digital products in the market. We hope that this must have allowed you guys to make the right choice without a lot of groundwork.