Buffet Crampton E11 Clarinet Review

The Buffet Crampon E11 clarinet is one of the most popular clarinet instruments in the intermediate player market; widely used not only by advanced level players but by instructors as well. When beginners and students become adept with their clarinets, which are usually constructed out of plastic material, and are now ready to master the intermediate clarinet – typically made out of quality wooden material, the Buffet Crampon E11 is one of the most recommended pieces in the music world.

Buffet e11 clarinet review

Buffet e11 clarinet review

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Up until today, the Crampton E11 is still manufactured at the Buffet Crampon factory in Germany although it now has a factory in France for its professional instruments. The Crampton manufactured in France is called the Buffet Crampon E11 France Bb Clarinet.

What to Expect From the Buffet Crampton E11 Clarinet

If you are contemplating on purchasing a Buffet Crampon E11 to accompany you in your musical endeavours, there are several great things that you can expect from this magnificent piece. They include:

  1. Made from High Quality Wood – First, it is made out of high quality unstained African blackwood that is carefully treated and brushed by hand for better durability and overall quality. With this careful construction and high-level of craftsmanship comes a dependable clarinet with remarkable quality in the Crampton E11 that any budding musician will surely be proud to own.
  2. Great Attention to Detail – The Buffet Crampon E11 also follows great attention to detail – an aspect that separates the ordinary from the elite in the intermediate clarinet market – in its design. For instance, the E11 clarinet’s tone holes are undercut, enhancing pitch precision. The keys are also forged and not stamped and are silver-plated using an advanced method developed by Buffet Crampon.
  3. Precise and Easy Key Movement – The E11 comes with a distinctively precise and easy key movement may possible by the use of stainless steel springs rather than springs of inferior quality. Buffet’s design for the thumb rest enhances functionality by maintaining the distance between the neck-strap ring and the pad when adjusted. And if you look at the pads, even they are made from superior design and construction. They are crafted from double fish skin to provide plenty of years of reliable service.
  4. Comes with Exclusive Equipments – Once you purchase the Buffet Crampon E11 clarinet, you will receive a nice package including a Buffet Crampon mouthpiece and a Vandoren reed along with an ergonomic and practical protective backpack.
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The Drawbacks of Buffet Crampton E11 Clarinet

While the Bugget Crampton E11 comes with a host of great features including high-quality African Blackwood construction, professional key work, accurate response and intonation, along with a solid reputation among players and instructors as an elite intermediate level clarinet, it still has some drawbacks that you need to be aware of. First, it requires some serious upgrade if the student reaches college. There is also an issue of France against Germany manufactured models which can be quite confusing on which is better between the two.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Buffet Crampon E11 is a superb intermediate clarinet because you will enjoy professional like features for an Intermediate price. However, as your skill advances so will the pieces that you will have to play and when this time comes you will need to upgrade to a professional model if you decide to continue mastering the instrument through the college years.