Buffet Crampton B12 Clarinet Review

Beginners and students who are looking for a top-of-the line clarinet in the market should look no further than the Buffet Crampon B12. This magnificent instrument is built from tough ABS Resin that gives it superb durability, stability, and precision, as well as excellent resiliency against weather and outdoor elements. With that being said, expect a flexible instrument capable of delivering high quality sounds for a life time of use with the Crampon B12.

Buffet b12 clarinet review

Buffet b12 clarinet review

Aside from that, there are many great things that you can expect from the Buffet Crampon B12 and this review will reveal them all to you. It will also show you some of the drawbacks that come along with this clarinet so you will know exactly what you will get once you decide to purchase it.

What to Expect From the Buffet B12 Clarinet

The first thing that you can expect from the Buffet Crampon B12 is that it will give you excellent intonation that is simply ideal for a student level player. And because it’s not made out of wood, you can expect the instrument to withstand the most demanding of use even under extreme temperature and weather elements like wind and rain. But the great thing about this clarinet is that even though it is made of plastic, it still retains the distinct sound quality and distinguished style that you can expect from wooden clarinets. Overall, here are the things that the Buffet Crampon B12 will provide you.

  1. A strong and durable ABS Resin construction that follows the style and sound quality of an authentic granadilla wood. It’s sounds, looks, and feels like a wooden clarinet but only more durable and long lasting.
  2. Offers superb stability and excellent precision with its Nickel-Silver Keys that are cold forged and induction soldered.
  3. Follows an exquisite style and appealing design that you won’t find in majority of plastic models.
  4. Comes with nickel-plated body rings, ergonomic keywork design, and a traditional bell ring for a performance that you can rely on.
  5. Provides great intonation through its fish bladder feature.
  6. Better overall compared to most entry level clarinets across all materials in the market.

The Drawbacks Buffet B12 Clarinet

Honestly, it would be pretty hard to find a single drawback from the Buffet B12 Clarinet. It offers precise intonation, excellent durability, and versatile use. It’s also very lightweight and just looks great and feels good. The only drawback is its quite expensive compared to other student level clarinets in the market. If you’re not looking to spend much, then this clarinet would not be ideal for you. There are also counterfeit Buffet B12 Clarinets made in China that you need to beware of. They might look like a B12 but the overall quality and construction is subpar.


Finals Thoughts

It really is an impressive clarinet for beginners, no more no less. It contains all the features that beginners need so they can advance their skill level with ease and has the durability and resiliency needed to withstand damages that are normal from beginner level players. If it would not have been quite expensive, it would have been the perfect choice for all beginners in the world.