Best Songs to Play on a Saxophone

The Saxophone is such a versatile wood instrument that its distinctly smooth music makes it a great addition to just about any genre there is. Famous Hollywood movies and TV commercials even use the sax’s mesmerizing effect to captivate audiences and create a deeper connection with them. And from majestic grand symphonies to late night jazz bands, and even contemporary pop music, the Sax can sometimes take the spotlight with some powerful and sexy solo plays. If your deciding on a great song to play on your saxophone, here are 10 of the best that you may want to try no matter what style of music you’re looking for.

1. Coleman Hawkins – ‘Body and Soul’

This song is where everything began. The hawk sounded so perfect on this song that you will feel every ounce of emotion blowing beautifully from his saxophone. It may be even be the most perfect saxophone solo of all time…

2. Stan Getz – ‘Here’s That Rainy Day’

If you want to fall in love while playing your saxophone, this is the song that will let you. Seriously it’s so perfect that it would be so easy to become completely captivated and bewildered with the song. Every single note is so perfect, that one would think that Stan the Man was playing under some divine force.

3. Charlie Parker – ‘Just Friends’

Just friends by Charlie Parker is another song that seems perfect in every way you listen to it.
Charlie Parker is cushioned in this song, but he is the one taking the spotlight with his sax in the smoothest, sexiest way imaginable.

4. Cannonball Adderley – ‘Autumn Leaves’

This song was performed by Adderley together with the great Miles Davis and it is one of the greatest jazz records in history. A great saxophone song to play solo or with others listening to you.

5. John Coltrane – ‘Theme For Ernie’

John Coltrane was a saxophone maestro fond of playing ballads. One of his best songs was A Love Supreme and Theme for Ernie which speaks everything about his deft touch and his lightness of being.

6. Sonny Rollins – ‘St Thomas’
Sonny Rollin’s most iconic piece is another piece that you can look into when you want to play solo. Impressive in many ways.

7. Michael Brecker – ‘Escher Sketch’
Left the world too early but this song just brings back memories on Michael Brecker’s musical genius.

8. Dexter Gordon – ‘Stairway To The Stars’

Stairway to the Stars might be an ordinary piece but when its Dexter Gordon who is the one playing it with the sax, the ordinary just becomes something magical.

9. Lester Young – ‘I Can’t Get Started’
I can Get Started by Lester Young is a song that is powerfully lyrical, lovely and just downright luscious.

10. Wayne Shorter – ’Footprints’

If there is someone who disrespects the brilliance of Wayne Shorter, just let them hear this song while you’re playing the sax.

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