Best Saxophone for Beginners Review

Since its introduction in 1840, the Saxophone has stolen the spotlight in both pop and jazz events. It popularity continued to grow immensely thanks to musical geniuses like like John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, and Charlie Parker.

The Sax has even helped rock ‘n’ roll enter center stage in its early beginnings , and today it still featured at nightclubs, rock concerts, or symphony halls.

Best alto saxophone for beginners

Now if you want to enter the magical world of music and have already decided to go for the smooth Saxophone as your instrument of choice, then you need to know which one is right for you. There are a number of Saxophones that you can choose from and determining which one suites you and your style of play will decide whether or not mastering this beautiful wind instrument will be all worthwhile.

Also, as a beginner, the ideal instrument for you will differ to those who are already in the intermediate or advanced level players.

Top 4 best saxophone for beginners

With that being said, use this review to help you in determining the best Saxophone that will cater your needs as a beginner.

The Best Alto Saxophone for Beginners

The alto saxophone is the ultimate beginners instrument when it comes to the saxophone family. It provides a more compact key layout and doesn’t require a lot of air-blowing to play which makes it a great option for students. In elementary and high schools, altos are normally the most used types of saxophones not only because they are easy to use but because they are also generally low cost as well. In addition, majority of the skills that will be picked up in the alto can easily be transitioned with other Saxophones.

When it comes to Alto Saxophones, the best option for beginners is the Yamaha YAS-280. It is very light, ergonomically designed, and has a very straight forward functionality without compromising response and intonation. It’s also very durable and can last a life time of use even after constant beatings that are normal from beginner players.


The Best Tenor Saxophone for beginners

The tenor saxophone is strongly linked with Jazz players as it is a commonly featured instrument in that genre. It is tuned to Bb and has a distinct, curved body style. Because it is not as big or heavy as the baritone or bass sax, the tenor is very appealing to beginners. However, with its relatively large, curved shape, it is very prone to bumps and bruises, so it is imperative that you choose one that is built from quality materials.

With that being said, beginners won’t go wrong with Selmer’s TS600L if they are looking for the perfect Tenor Saxophone. It comes with a robust build and ergonomic design that makes it a cut above the rest of the competition. Teachers and instructors also appreciate this beautiful instrument because of its professional appeal that you simply won’t find in other brands. With its exquisite gold lacquer look and durable mechanics, the TS711 maintains great style and longevity.


The Best Soprano Saxophone for beginners

Similar to the alto, the Soprano Saxophone can be a relatively cost effective instrument compared to its other members in the saxophone family. A big part of this lies in its smaller and lighter body that requires lesser materials for construction. But bear in mind, however, that the Soprano saxophone that you choose for your studies should not be determined purely by price alone. Due to the soprano’s smaller size and higher pitch compared to other types of sax, it is especially more challenging for a beginner to create good sound from it. Attaining solid intonation and maintaining proper tune are skills that usually develop relatively slower in soprano sax players.

To assist beginners from the challenge, the ideal choice would be the Yamaha’s YSS-475. While it is a little bigger and more expensive compared to other models, the 475 offers uncompromising Yamaha timbre and pitch properties. This helps the student develop his skills faster specially in mastering intonations and keeping in tune.

While the 475 doesn’t come with the good looks and elegant engravings that is accustomed to Yamaha instruments, it very easy to use and its build is uncompromising. Also, if the time comes that the beginner moves on to the intermediate level, the 475 can still be an ideal option to consider.


Best Baritone Saxophone for Beginners

Baritone Saxophones may not be an appealing choice for beginners because of its bigger size and heavier weight compared to other members of the sax family. And because it is bigger and needs to be more durable, more materials are needed in its construction making it quite pricy compared to other types of Saxophones. Many decent quality Baritone Saxophones can go as high as $7000 and sometimes even higher which could be a costly investment for most.

But if the beginner is really serious and determined in playing the Baritone sax, he can opt for rentals if price is the issue. If it is not, the Yamaha YBS-52 is a fantastic option. With stainless steel springs, drawn tone holes, and sturdy leather pads, the 52 is very durable and long-lasting option with a beautiful look that is worth every penny.


Final Thoughts

Those were your best options when it comes to the saxophone family. Remember, both tenor and alto saxophones are easy choices for beginners because of their relatively smaller and lightweight body features and easy to learn playing mechanics. While the soprano is lighter, it is more difficult to learn because of its higher pitch that is difficult to control and stay in tune specially for novice players. Baritones meanwhile, are heavier, bulkier, and more costly, which makes them not so ideal options for the beginner.

With that being said, choose the type of saxophone that you feel is ideal for the beginner and the kind of playing style that is well suited for him. If you have already determined whether it is alto, tenor, soprano, or baritone that is the perfect choice, you can consider the brands and models that have been suggested in this review as solid options.