Best Electronic Keyboard for Beginners Review

When it comes to the best electronic keyboard for beginners, there is a crucial balance that needs to be treated with special attention. You want to make sure that the instrument you get carries enough functions and features that will help in the development of the student.

But you don’t have to spend extra money on features and functionalities that is to advanced for a novice level player either. You therefore need a digital piano that has the features tailored specifically for beginners.

When you find the digital piano that has all the right features to help a beginner in his/her early stages of playing the instrument, you will enjoy a better learning experience overall with less of the pains and frustrations that many first-time pianists off the track will normally encounter. By choosing the best electronic keyboard for beginners that makes it easy to learn and to grow, you will be putting your money in your talent and in your future, without wasting much of your hard earned money and precious time.

Best Electronic Keyboard for Beginners

The Yamaha P35

Best Electronic Keyboard for Beginners Review
The best thing about the Yamaha P35 is its moderate price which gives beginners the opportunity to explore the beautiful musical world of piano without breaking the bank. And because the electronic keyboard is portable and packs a lot of great features for novice players, its ideal for different playing needs and situations – from practicing away from home with your headphones, to sitting in at studio sessions, to playing your friend’s birthday party.

Yamaha also understands that a beginner has a specific set of needs that is why they designed the P35 with functions that are tailored to meet them. The electronic keyboard is exceptionally versatile, is lightweight – at just around 20 pounds – and sleek with an overall dimension of 52.2 x 11.6 x 6 inches. It certainly is a portable digital piano, with enough keys – a total of 88 – to cater a beginners needs.  It also comes with the basic polyphonic sound requirements of 32 and 10 voices.


Yamaha YPG-235

Overall, the Yamaha YPG-235 is a superb tool for those who are still in their baby steps in playing the piano. It’s versatility, however, makes it a good choice for those who been learning the piano for a while, those who are planning to record their own piece and need numerous quality sound options, or instructors looking to captivate their students. The YPG-235 comes with more than 100 total songs with 30 of them integrated into the keyboard itself and over 70 available on the CD-ROM packaged with the device. All the songs are part of the brands Education Suite program and can be split up into right hand and left hand parts as well as 7 levels of lessons per song.

The wide selection of songs combined with the Yamaha YPG235 chord dictionary gives you a distinctly effective way to learn the piano. Additionally, the sound system provides users with woofers and tweeters on a 2-way speaker system with bass boost and authentic stereo sound. All of these cool sound features are made possible with its AWM, or Advanced Wave memory technology, which complements its DSP to produce the kind of precision and detail that you need from your electronic keyboard.


Casio PX150

Casio models are one of the oldest and most iconic keyboards in the market. Before, there models were normally made for kids but today, there models offer excellent sound and versatile features that are one of the best in the industry. The Casio PX150, for instance, comes with ebony and ivory textured keys, along with the scaled hammer action, that provide an authentic acoustic playing experience. With a weight of only 20 pounds, the keyboard is one of the lightest and most portable electronic keyboards in the market making it a great choice for beginners who love to practice outside, in the school grounds, in the park, and virtually anywhere he wants.

The PX150 has an array of features that are perfect for beginners, such as a duet mode and two separate headphone jacks so the student can master his craft in relative silence. The ebony and ivory keys also provide a textual sensation that closely resembles a real piano. Overall, it is one of the best pianos for beginners.


Final Points to Consider

When you are a beginner, it might be tempting to consider on purchasing the cheapest brand in the market. Besides, your still learning the ways of playing the piano so it’s not important that you invest on high-end models right? While it is certainly not ideal to break the bank when it comes to purchasing an electronic keyboard when you are still a beginner, it is still important to get one that is well-made.

More advance players and professionals possess the skills and experience to work around imperfections in a keyboard’s tuning or action, but a new player can easily become frustrated if his keyboard has a lot of short comings. The student may eventually lose interest in continuing his studies or develop bad habits that are very difficult to break further down the line.

It is important for a student to have an instrument that has the features that will help him grow with his skills. It must not be to sophisticated to frustrate him and must have all the technological add-ons to keep him interested at all times. Having a duet mode and other educational features will also be very beneficial to the development and growth of the student.

Acoustic pianos are still the best instruments in terms of touch and sound but a well-made digital keyboard is a much cheaper and more portable option. It’s also important to choose a piano with a full 88 keys; majority of the literature after the beginner’s level will need the use of the entire keyboard. Weighted keys will also benefit the student tremendously as it replicates the touch of an acoustic while at the same time strengthen the muscles in the hands.